New BMW ads make fun of Tesla

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BMW is already comparing their plug-in version of the 3 series sedan to the upcoming Tesla Model3.
Focusing on how long it will take to actually get a Model3.

It is quite funny. (Seeing that poor guy waiting for his car..)
And also true, since it might take well over 2 years (Or more) for people on the waiting list to actually be able to drive their new Tesla.

The Tesla is a true EV. With a range of over 200 miles.
The BMW isn’t.
It is a regular plug-in hybrid with an EV range of only 22 miles!
And it starts at almost $44 000. Which is almost $10 000 more than the predicted base price for the Tesla.
So these cars are not really comparable. In any way.
Someone shopping for an EV won’t even look at a car with a 22 miles EV range.
For $10 000 more.

Plus, Tesla owners obviously want something special, something that looks new.
Which is exactly the opposite of a BMW 3 series.

I still enjoy the ad. I just wish they would be more truthful and mention some numbers. Like EV range and price.
As it is now, it’s more like a bait to get EV people into BMW showrooms.

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  1. BMW is positioning itself as "the ultimate settling machine."

    Cadillac tried that in the 1980s, and it hasn't worked-out for them. Maybe BMW will have better luck, but I doubt it. Once you start telling the world that your brand is a fallback choice for those who can't get the good stuff, it's game over. You can't un-tell that story.

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