US version of the all new Genesis G90 sedan

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 As you can see, this is exactly the same car that went on sale in Korea a while ago.
Looks like they didn’t change a thing.
(They couldn’t even figure out how to hide the horrible black plastic on the grille. Which I guess is for the laser cruise control)
It doesn’t look bad. And it’s certainly no more boring than an Audi A8.
But for a “new” brand, it just doesn’t stand out. At all.

(I saw one in the flesh a couple of months ago in Joshua Tree. And I can tell you that the car is totally invisible…)

Same thing inside. Even though it’s all new, it is already old fashioned.
It looks like (because it is) an old Korean executive’s company car.

The previous Equus (sold as a Hyundai) started at $62 500. And I bet this, now being its own brand and all, will be more.
While it will still be a lot less than the German competition, it won’t matter at all. Since German car buyers don’t even look at anything else.

It will also cost a bit less than the Lexus LS.

But the new Genesis brand has zero image. While Lexus still has a highly regarded quality image.
And there is an all new LS coming out really soon.

It looks like they are trying to do what Lexus did decades ago. Offer a super luxury full size car, and a less expensive mid size one (G80)
I am sure the G90 is solid, super quiet and comfortable, fast and just plain nice an many ways.
But this is 2016. Not 1986. And the market for these things is shrinking every day. (sad but true)

So basically, all I can say to Genesis is: Good luck with that.

The true test for the Genesis brand will be their upcoming crossovers and SUVs…

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  1. For whatever reason, this just gives me a Hyundai XG350 vibe. Like you said, old fashioned Korean conservative design. Not modern at all.

  2. Why does it seem like most of the luxury brands are really struggling with design lately? With the exception of Mercedes, all the others seem lost. BMW and Audi just keep copying the copies, Lexus designers have watched Mad Max too many times, Acura is totally lost, Infiniti is trying to be interesting buy with questionable results, and Cadillac keeps getting worse with each generation. Lincoln might have figured out a good design, but we will see how it translates across the line up.

    There are so many good looking mainstream models, and all come with the latest features, I don't see the value in stepping up to most of these brands.

  3. Still looks like crap with the square plastic radar sensor in the middle of the grille. Also, it should be the G900. G90 sounds cheap like an old Infiniti model.

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