Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Coupe

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Looking pretty amazing, I must say.

What a stunning blend of futuristic and weirdly retro design.

At the same time, it seems pretty strange. Since Maybach is not a separate brand anymore, it seems strange to have this all new design.
The only Maybach available now is a stretched version of the S-Class. And their next morel will be a stretched version of the new E-Class.
So you would think a coupe might be a super luxury version of the S-Class coupe (?)

But it looks like Maybach might want to show off and have at least one original design in their portfolio.
This concept looks like it wants to fight the Bentley GT. Which is actually a great idea.
Considering how popular the GT has been.

But… This is still just a concept. With its super futuristic and unrealistic interior.
So it all depends on how the actual production car really looks like. And when it is coming out.
Since an all new, sportier looking, Bentley GT is just around the corner…

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