VW Crossblue VS. Skoda Kodiaq

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The Kodiaq is almost out.
As for the VW, who knows….

We’ve been waiting for years. (Especially the poo VW dealers who really needed something like that years ago…)

So far, they do look really similar.
The roof of the Skoda seems a bit sportier towards the back, but that could be the angle of the picture. And the lens.

It looks like, once again, the VW version will be the more boring one.
I mean, the new Mazda CX-9 is light years ahead of this already…

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  1. I remember when the current Jetta was introduced a VW executive said the styling was conservative because VW was trying to establish brand styling. He said once certain styling themes had become associated with VW then they could start to offer more exciting designs. I prefer VWs to have conservative designs…the look holds up better over time and often have a more premium look compared to the Japanese and Korean cars. However, this Cross Blue is disappointing especially considering how long it seems to take VW to get cars to market.

  2. Vince what's your email I have leaked photos already of the skoda Kodiac from all angles of the exterior.

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