What could have been: Ford Mustang

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 This is a prototype of a Mustang model from 1966.
Not sure what model this was supposed to be. Or if it was intended as just a show car.

These headlights were obviously not legal yet in the 60s. The look like they were taken from a German Ford, like a Taunus or Capri.

But the overall look resembles the larger 1971 model. 5 years before it came out.
It actually feels like a cross between the 67 and the 71.
And I must say, the “HotWheel” wheels look pretty cool..


Here is what the Mustang ended up looking like in 1971.
I still do like that straight fastback design.

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  1. Until the 70's, only round headlights were allowed in the US. (That's what you only see old European cars in the US with round headlights too)

    The law changed in the 70's and they started allowing square ones. But only one specific shape.
    So pretty much overnight, all US designers used these small rectangular headlights

    It changed again around 1983, when they started allowing more and more designs.
    (I think the lincoln Mk VII was one of the first US cars with the new EuroStyle headlights)

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