2017 Nissan Micra

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I think this looks great.

One of the most interesting small car design I have seen in a while.
Looking very modern without being to weird. And including most of the recent Nissan design cues.
So it does look like a Nissan, and nothing else.
I think they did a great job.

It is powered by a small 3 cylinder engine with 90HP. (Or a larger 1.5 Liter Diesel)

The bad news is that Nissan says they won’t sell it in the US (Even though it is making it to Canada)
This would be such a giant leap from the ghastly looking Versa sedan we are still getting over here.

Let’s hope they do change their mind.

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  1. Those side window glasses are literally physically utterly FLAT! I have never seen such flat window glasses on a car since 1969.

  2. When you compare the Lexus models above and their weird, aggressive design to this car, you instantly mention the quality of Nissan's design. Modern, clean and most of all: well-proportioned. I am not a Nissan fan, but need a new car that size. So: Why not?

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