2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country

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 I love the new Volvo V90.
But I am not crazy about this new Cross Country version.

It was raised way up. With a 8.5 inch ground clearance.
While it might be great for the few who will actually take this off road, it makes the whole thing look bit weird.

And I’m also not too crazy about that “dark everything” trend pictured here.
No chrome surrounds, dark wheels. Inside, the car pictured doesn’t have the super good looking wood trim Volvo has been using recently.
And with the dark outside color, the CrossCountry specific trim doesn’t really show.

Otherwise, it looks like a great way to step up from an Outback.

Volvo has been coming out with some great looking cars lately, and getting equally great reviews.
Good for them.

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  1. Are they killing the XC70? Personally, I love this and I think it will look great here in Portland or places like Boulder, Vancouver BC, or Boston. Probably easier to park than an XC90, and a sleeker version of the gorgeous Mazda CX-9. Raising its ride height cuts the visual weight associated with similarly-sized crossovers.

  2. It'd be a fine dirt-road touring car. Plenty of dirt roads in Scandinavia, not to mention Australia, Africa, much of the US…

    They should sell a few of these.

  3. Not sure what the point of this car is and how it gives Volvo buyers something different than they already get.

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