2017 VW Teramont

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Looks like we will see the real thing any day now.
Meanwhile, here are some new unofficial pictures of the all new “special for the US” crossover.
Which actually, just like the US Passat, isn’t so “US special” since it is also for China.
As you can see, there are actually quite a few differences when compared to the 2013 (Yes, 2013!) 
Crossblue concept.
Not sure why they even bothered with these changes. The original looks about as good.
And they both look super conservative.
The concept looked a bit old in 2013, and the changes to the production model don’t really improve things.
I guess this is for the “Honda Pilot crowd”. 
And for people who think they will be buying something German. I guess.

Here are more views.

What do you think?
Will this be enough for VW to compete?
A refreshed 2013 design?

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  1. VW (and Audi) has lost their way when it comes to designs. With the diesel scandal setting them WAY back, they should be focusing on innovative and bold designs. In person this SUV will likely look very nice but, as you stated, conservative. Maybe too conservative to get noticed.

  2. The 2013 concept is much better looking – the production car looks squished. And the styling looks very ripped off from 3rd gen Grand Cherokee. The Skoda Kodiaq though very similar looking, is much better looking than this….

  3. This would've sold like gangbusters a few years ago, when VW had customer good will. Now that they are hated, I don't see any large crossover shopper passing over established players for this thing.

  4. Very conservative, which isn't a bad thing, especially when compared to the often cartoonish, repetitive designs we see in so many other vehicles in this class. But the rearmost side window styling is one design cue that has been done to death.

  5. If priced to sell against Pilot & Traverse, it should do well. If priced up into the Jeep Grand Cherokee range — forget it!

  6. Frumpy old man face. I'll still probably buy one though- Just the right size and not a sleek front header. (I HATE sleek headers as you clobber you noggin on the A-pillar when getting in and out of your vehicle).

  7. You say that people buying these cars think that they're buying German, implying that this car isn't German. Why do you say this? Is it not based off the MQB platform that underpins nearly every new VW product that was designed and created in Germany by Germans? Does it not have the option between a 4-cylinder and V6 that are also designed by Germans? Does it not use the same Haldex 5 AWD components that other VWs use? Saying this car isn't German only because it won't go on sale in Europe is just dumb. Sure it was designed for American tastes but that doesn't change the fact that this car is as German as anything else in the VW range.

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