2018 Honda Accord

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Or: “Another sedan that looks like a hatchback but isn’t”…

Just like their Civic sedan.
So I guess the whole thing will be a bit more aggressive. Slicker.

Still, why not be a bit gutsy and offer a real hatch?
It already looks like it has one.
Mid size sedans sales are dropping every year. They need something.
With the popularity of SUV’s, people are getting used to the practicality of a hatchback.
I am sure the market might be ready to introduce more hatches in cars.

It already seems pretty popular in compact models like the Focus, Mazda3 etc…
Even Honda now has a hatch version of the Civic.
So why keep designing “fake hatchback” sedans???

Maybe hatches could revive sales of mid size sedans? A bit?

Ford and GM already have hatchback versions of the Fusion and Regal in Europe.
I think it would be a gutsy move from Honda and Toyota to offer the Accord and Camry with a hatch in the US.
But.. Who am I…

For many more pictures of the all new 2018 Honda Accord, just head over HERE to Autoblog.

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  1. There will be large hatchback sedans in America–eventually. Timing is everything. Right now American car buyers still haven't quite gotten over how small and generic the family sedan (and even luxury sedan) have become. If you ever ride in a 1978 New Yorker, 1994 Olds 98, or similar luxo-yacht from Buick, Cadillac, Lincoln-Mercury or Imperial; you become immediately aware of how utterly austere today's sedans are — even Mercedes, BMW, Audi & Cadillac. Once (American's) have gotten accustomed to choking that catastrophic change down; they will be ready to choke on the next big inevitable change–hatchback sedans. (Which most Americans call hunchbacks due to the fact that they are so stylishly-challenged.)

  2. I would say that Honda has a point of view on aerodynamics for the sedans and their trajectory for fuel economy includes the tapered trunk and large overhangs. Those overhangs also make it tons easier to fit stuff in… like hybrid batteries and electric motors for the japanese versions.

  3. But please don't do what you did to the civic hatchback. I mean Honda could have taken the shape almost as is with the sedan and made it into a hatch. However, they made the rear of the hatchback swell compared to the sedan, and it lost's its design appeal and looks goofy compared to the sedan. And I am only talking about the sheet metal work, not the horrible bumper and "aero" features or whatever you want to call that abomination of design work done to the plastics.

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