All new Mercedes E-Class All Terrain

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Following the trend, Mercedes is coming up with a “fake SUV” look for their all new E-Class wagon.

I actually like that trend.
As I  do like wagons much better than SUVs. And I think that fake off road look is mostly well done by everyone.
They make regular wagons a bit more interesting and fun looking. (The Audi A4 AllRoad looks much nicer than their insultingly boring regular wagon for exemple.)

Even though I truly love the new Volvo V90 wagon. The off road version they showed us a few days ago doesn’t seem to look that amazing.
But this Mercedes version looks great. Well done!

Let’s hope they do sell it in the US….

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  1. I completely disagree. This thing is much worse looking than the Volvo, which looks like a real all terrain vehicle. This Mercedes Benz seems to proudly show off vulgar plastic cladding from ebay.

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