All new Skoda Kodiaq

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It’s finally here. After 50 years of spy shots and teasers.

It is based on the same platform as the long wheelbase version of the upcoming VW Tiguan. So I guess the 2 are basically the same car underneath.
The Kodiaq is available with a 1.4 Liter or a 2 liter engine. ( Or diesel)
6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG.

And, as usual, it seems to look a bit better than its VW cousin. For less money.

Skoda has been patenting a bunch of names in the US lately. So of course, everyone is thinking
they might be selling cars over here soon.
Why not. But also, why?

They are basically cheaper VWs.
Setting up another, unknown in the US, brand seems like a lot of trouble and work.
They can’t even get their act together in the US with the VW brand.
(the Golf is always at least 2 years late. We still don’t have the new Tiguan over here. Where is the next Jetta? it took them 4 years to get the Crossblue in production, etc…)

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  1. This looks better than the VW Crossblue concept it seems to have taken most of its design cues from.. and WAY better than the Teramont that tried to come up with some of its own ugly cues.

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