European version of the new Honda Civic Hatchback

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Words are colliding in my head to describe this…

What a horrible mess. Just when you though the US version was overdone, Honda proves us it can do even worse.
I mean, just look at the amount of crappy looking black plastic trim all over this car.
This is a bad design made worse.

Pretty amazing.

A while ago, I was pretty excited when Honda announced the return of the hatchback in the US Civic line. What a great idea! What could go wrong?

This has to be maybe the worse Honda design of all time. And pretty much the worse looking hatchback on the market.
Here, it will compete with “beauties” like the Mazda3, Cruze hatchback, Focus etc…
In Europe, it is in the same segment as the Golf, Astra, Megane etc…

I just cannot imagine who would want to spend their hard earned money in such a visual nightmare.

Honda should be ashamed. 

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  1. …front and rear bumpers have those big ass , plastic mesh,fake ? air intake? monstrosities on them. Something a little more tasteful then that would of been much nicer …but anywho….it will appeal to the 13 year old manchild/boy racer who is a big fan of the Fast and the Furious movies.

  2. Well, it seems that designers favor the grotesque as the new paradigm in design. This monstrosity fits right in with the new CH-5 from Toyota whose designers apparently believe they never met a curve, twist or do-dad that they didn't like. Of course, Mazda has created the ultimate hatch semi-suv in the CX-4. They just won't let us have it. The brain dead marketers at Mazda have said that this will create a totally new segment and compete with the Outback. I guess they forgot that Subaru barely sells the Outback in China so who are they going to compete with. Oh well, Mazda sales continue to tumble in the US so they must be more than happy with their product mix.

  3. This is a monstrosity. Remember the quaint olden days when we complained that the Crosstour was ugly? How naive we all were. On the plus side, it makes the sedan look semi attractive in comparison.

  4. Another freaking home run from Honda. And the eclectic crowd will stand there watching with the mouth gaping open, sort of, in disgust.

  5. What eclectic crowd dude? These guys buy used cars without any creases or curves. The curves are for new cars.

  6. The current model sold in Europe was introduced at the same time as our smooth 2006 Civic, and was horribly updated in 2009 or 2010 with incongruent fender flares and other ugly touches.. so this shouldn't shock the Honda faithful much over there. However, it's a total shame for US fans of the Civic hatchbacks of yore.

  7. I always wondered what a car would look like with giant fly-swatters on each corner… and a big handle on the front and rear.

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