Lexus UX Concept

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 “Showcasing Lexus’ vison for a compact SUV of the future”

And that future looks like a nightmare. A nightmare on wheels!

This is one of the worst thing I have seen in many years. And there is no excuse for it.
Toyota is a huge company that has access to tremendous design talent.
So crap like this should have never seen the light of day.

I mean just look at this mess.
There are rumors of a compact SUV replacement for the aging CT200h Hybrid.
Let’s hope it is NOT based on this monster.

This is worse than anything they’ve done so far.

Just when you though things couldn’t get uglier, you step inside and discover this interior.
Again, the stuff of nightmares.

Who on earth would want to be behind this wheel?!
Surrounded by a sea of mismatched aggressive shapes and screens.

They should be ashamed of even showing this in public.
This is something someone should get fired over. It should never end up on the floor of an international Auto Show.

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  1. lexus has no shame.

    lexus buyers have no taste.

    voila – lexus UX showcar.

    I've been to enough car shows, overhearing 'the general public' see what I know to be horrible-looking designs, and say to each other 'oh wow, this is the new lexus grille, i really like it!'.

    same people that vote for trump, of course.

  2. they sold a lot of lexus in USA , so is USA dumb or toyota have it right where they want ?
    i think lexus is very nice ….. Acura is terrible ….

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