More pictures of the 2017 Jeep Compass

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And not looking that great this time around.
Like some of you mentioned, the interior looked fine on the first picture posted, but could actually be pretty cheap in real life.
Well, it looks super cheap already on these new pictures.
That cheap shiny black plastic seems to be all over the place.
(And leather seats won’t help)

I guess, this will indeed be a rather cheap car. And Fiat isn’t going to spend any more cash when people all over the world seem to crave anything with a Jeep logo on it.

Too bad…

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  1. To be fair, on other pages these picture are said to shown the Brazilian made south America version, which usually means cheaper trim.

  2. It's an improvement over the old humpass but nothing that really stands out overall. Looks like a cheap Peugeot 3008.

  3. If anyone can get away with a cheaper-looking interior it's Jeep. You expect a Jeep to be basic and rugged and easy to clean, that's part of its charm.

  4. The more I see of the new Compass, the less I'm impressed. You can stick pretty much any Asian nameplate on this. Subaru, Nissan, Kia, doesn't really matter. And the over-glossy interior shots aren't helping.

  5. Looks a lot like a "mini" Grand Cherokee to me. The black molding around the wheel openings, bottom of doors and bumpers is right off of the GC design. Inside the dashboard design also looks very similar to the current GC.

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