More pictures of the all new 2017 Land Rover Discovery

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 Yes. All new.
Yet it feels so familiar. That’s because it is pretty much the same design as the smaller Discovery Sport we’ve seen for almost two years now.

I mean, this is a very nice design. And the interior is really luxurious and modern.
And it does seat 7 people instead of 5 for the Sport.
But unless you really must have 7 seats, I can’t really see getting this over its equally good looking little brother.

And I’m sure many will miss the blocky previous version. It looks more like a rich mom’s car now.

How close are they?
That close. (The smaller sport is the bottom pic)

I mean, if it works for Audi, BMW and many others, why not Land Rover…
A little bit sad though…

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  1. MISTAKE. Looks like a cheap imitation of it's former self. And waaaaaay too close to the "little" one.

  2. New look, same reliability. You have to be rich for and have patience with the future repairs that come standard.

  3. Awww, man. I *loved* the old boxy design. It had so much personality, like a much larger, more luxurious Nissan Cube, as strange as that sounds. Don't get me wrong, I think this update is a very modern and sleek design, but I would have much preferred an evolution to the last generation. The Discovery really had a one-of-a-kind design. There was no mistaking a Discovery for anything else on the road. Now this new one could be confused for any other Land Rover.

    Vince, if it's not too much trouble, could you post a side-by-side comparison of the outgoing model vs. this design?

  4. Well, they do share the same name and the small one is supoosed to be the "sport" option hence the name so I do believe that they should look alike. Like the hyundai Santa Fe and santa fe sport

  5. the new Disco is way, WAY better resolved than the Disco Sport. It looks practically futuristic. Where the a-pillar meets the hood and front fender, in particular, is far superior on the new Disco. Better axle-to-dash distance as well.

    Open your eyes.

  6. They sure made this look common and ordinary. It was the boxy, clunky design that was so appealing with the last one.

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