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This is the all new EV VW has been talking about for a while.
Their new beginning. Something that is supposed to make us all forget about their diesel cheat.

They claim it will be getting up to “over 380 miles” per charge.
Sounds great.
Except the car is not due before 2020. That’s 4 years!

I bet in 4 years there will be plenty of car offering a similar range.
And, sure, it looks pretty modern.
But probably not more so than the 2020 Golf or Polo.

It seems to weird to show something that early. (Why not show us their 2035 flying car?)

This just seems an exercice to calm down stock holders.
“Look, we’re not done! We’re working on something that’ll save us. Look! Look!!”

What do you think?

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  1. If VW wasn't so terrified to break away from the now 40-year-old Golf design language, this would make a great (and competitive) 2020 e-Golf. But since they won't, I'm not sure what the purpose of this design exercise is.. you'd think they would better spend their time and money conceptually exploring electrifying a segment they aren't already competing in.

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