2017 Buick Avenir

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 Remember that great looking Buick Avenir concept from about two years ago.
Well, of course we’re not getting it.
What we are getting is the name, not the car. “Avenir” will be used for a high end option trim on some Buick models.

The first one unveiled is the Avenir trim on this Chinese Buick GL8 Minivan.
(It’s almost an insult to the gorgeous concept car of the same name…)

I guess here in the US, we can expect the Avenir trim to be offered on the new Lacrosse.
And maybe the Envision. (Which already comes from China anyway)

Looks like Buick is trying the same thing Lincoln is doing with their “Black Label” luxury trim.
The Black Label option package is great on the Lincoln molded I saw.
But I couldn’t help thinking it should be standard. It would really make Lincoln stand out.

Same thing here. Except Buick cannot compete with the more expensive Cadillac brand.
It’s been the same problem for GM for generations.

A problem Lincoln doesn’t have.

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