2017 Ford C-Max

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It looks like the C-Max is getting a few revisions for the new year.
Not sure why, really.
the only difference on this picture looks like the grille and headlights.
(The current one is the red one bellow)
Ford is keeping all its improved technology for later. (That all new “Model E”)
Read the whole story and see all the pictures (Showing almost nothing new) HERE.

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  1. Ford isn't going to bother with any real changes when a new one is right around the corner. Hopefully the next one is designed to be a hybrid from the start, so the batteries are better integrated and not hogging the trunk.

  2. Big improvement. Instead of looking like a Camry grill over a Hyundai grill it now looks more like a Hyundai grill under a Camry grill.

  3. What the hell? The European refresh came out two years ago and is more in line with the current Fusion/Focus front end design. Why bother with this? I think it's pretty much dead, aside from Taxi Service.

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