2017/18 Fiat 500L

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Looks like the 500L is getting a few changes for the next year.
Which will probably be just new lights and bumpers. maybe some new interior bits.

This is not a popular car in the US. At all.
While it sold 12 413 units in 2014. This number went down to 7863 the next year.
And it is on course to be less than 4000 for 2016.

I am not sure it’s even worth it for Fiat to import this anymore.
It just looks very clunky in person.
(Huge windows/tiny wheels combo doesn’t help.)

I must say, the new 500X isn’t doing great either. Which is surprising to me.
They only sold 9463 units last year.
And 9264 so far this year.

I think the 500X does look great and they really need to push it much more in the US.
Unless Sergio wants to kill that brand too.

Since Mr. Marchionne only wants to sell us Jeeps and pick up trucks.

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  1. I see a lot of 500Xs near me on Long Island, guess because I'm near the city. I had also driven one and feel it needs a bit more power, otherwise a great little car. The 500L needs to go. Bring the Panda.

  2. I considered a 500x when looking at small SUVs last year. It looks nice and the interior is great, very modern. However there are two things that took it off my list: the transmission and the ride. It has plenty of power, but the transmission really seems to be holding this engine back. It shifted very hard and was indecisive about which gear it wanted to be in. And I know none of these small utes ride particulary well, but the ride on this one is truly kidney-busting. It handles great but the ride was unbearable in my opinion, even in the lesser models with less sporty tires. They need to find a better compromise!!

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