2018 BMW i5

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Looking like a cross between the i3 and i8. Which was expected…

I am a big fan to the i3. So I really like this.
A larger, 4 door version will sure sell even better.
Let’s also hope the range is much better. A 200plus miles EV only range with a range extender motor would be great.

Also, I have noticed that the 2 profiles of the car are different.
Not sure if it is these early patent illustrations, or if the real thing will have 2 different profiles .
Or they are not sure which one to pick yet?
It seems a bit strange…

What do you think?

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  1. The profiles are the same in form, but different in shading for painting a portion of the C pillar black. I am a little bit disappointed in this design, as it captures the elements of the i8 and i3, but without the cohesive grace of those two designs.

  2. It looks like the door handles are the same in both illustrations though – so at least the doors will be different? The rest of the design looks pretty busy, especially around back.

  3. I like it! It's like an upscale Prius/Ioniq thing. I would gladly go for it if only I could afford it…
    Regarding the profile difference, my impression is that they just forgot to paint the rear quarterlight panel black on the right side of the 3D model.

  4. lol, el monty is right. look at the rear view and you can see the left is black and the right is not. I thought BMW was more Germanic in their attention to detail!

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