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This is the very first picture we see of the all new Grand Wagoneer.
Which should deb introduced sometime next year. as a 2018 model. Or a bit later as a 2019.

The front just looks like a larger Grand Cherokee. Which, I guess is fine.
Since the Grand Cherokee is still quite popular.

There was a crazy rumor a few weeks ago about the price. Which could go up to well over $100 000 for a loaded model.
All I have to say is : good luck with that.
Competing with Range Rover would require some serious image boost to the Jeep brand.

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  1. Personally, I see the Grand Wagoneer as more of a challenger to the Land Crusier(or Lexus GX/LX), its historical competitor, and the Mercedes GLS, also in the same price zone, then I do the Range Rover. Unless of course… this turns out to just be a large 5-seater like the Range Rover.

    Shame this design wasn't used on the aging Grand Cherokee. It looks really good!

    The Wrangler, in my view, should turn into a "family" of vehicles. Just like Land Rover's "Discovery" family, a brand within a brand. This would allow them the room to offer us a classic Wrangler look, while also opening up the possibility of exploring other iterations that have a more modern look. Because frankly… if this doesn't look modern enough, I don't see a reason to buy it over the upcoming Ford Bronco, or, as we're now getting word of, an all-new Toyota FJ that I'm sure will look very good, too.

  2. Agreed on all points above, and I think the front end looks very promising….main competition of the upper trims will be Land Cruiser/LX, possibly GLS, and also Escalade/Navigator. Hopefully there will be lesser trims as well to start to give the Tahoe/Yukon/New Expedition a run for their money.

    The only weird thing about the Jeep presentation leaks are the Grand Cherokee models shown….the seem to show all the future lineup of jeep alongside each other (Future Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Future Grand Wagoneer) but they used the pre-facelift 2016 GC instead of the new 2017 face. Not saying these images are inaccurate or fake, just strikes a funny note.

    Wrangler could use a little more freshening, keep the boxes, just change the design a bit, however I'd be fine with keeping the same as long as the interior gets a major overhaul.

  3. This is such a lazy design move. They basically took the front and rear end from the 2010 model and made the design bigger while adding cheesy led lighting.

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