All new Mercedes X-Class pick up truck

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 Here is is. The weirdest thing ever. An actual Mercedes pick up truck.

Well… Not really. It is “based” on the Nissan Navara. The Renault Alaskan is also “based” on the Nissan.
By “based”, they mean ” they are all the same car”
Since basically, only the front end is new. And maybe the interior

(although the Nissan and Renault have pretty much the same interior)

Here are the Nissan and Renault versions.
You can tell the Mercedes has, of course, an all new front end.
But also fenders.

Otherwise, same thing.(I’ll post pix of the interior soon)
We don’t get the Renault here, of course.
But I thought the navara would make a great Nissan Frontier in the US.

So far, the Mercedes version isn’t coming here.
(Maybe because of a future Navara/Frontier connection)

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  1. So, you are saying that the mighty Germans did not COPY the Japanese, they just changed the look of the same Japanese car. Precious!

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