Cadillac XTS NOT dead

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Good news.
I actually really like the design of the XTS. I still think it is much nicer than the new CT6.
Sure, the CT6 RWD and lower stance give it very nice proportions.

But the XTS design is still, to me, a much nicer one. And I am glad to see they are not killing it. Yet.

It will get a new front and rear design (Let’s hope they don’t copy the horrible trunk/light design from the CT6)
And maybe some new interior bits. Although it is just fine the way to is now.

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  1. October 18, 2016 at 6:06 PM More comfortable (smoother ride) than a BMW; classier, more distinctive exterior than a Merc; And (in the case of the ct6) a LOT more room than ANYTHING German or Japanese in the same price range. Yes, there are all kinds of reasons to go Cadillac over Mercedes, Genesis, Infinity, BMW, Lexus or Jaguar. (All kinds of style & all kinds of ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!!!)

  2. I'm not surprised they would keep it around, but they should at least change it to the new nomenclature.. because XTS is WAY too close to XT5.

  3. I do agree that this is a way better car than the ct6, though the current I am not a fan of. Maybe this will be the first car to use the Horizontal head and tail light design?

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