Next Dodge Journey???

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Not sure.
Some people are saying this is the redesigned Dodge Journey.

I am just not sure we will be seeing any new models from Dodge.
(Even though they supposedly showed a new coupe a convertible at some dealers meeting last year)
It sure looks to me like Sergio is doing his best to kill off the whole brand.

It can’t really be a Jeep. Since there would really be no room between the new Compass and the Cherokee.

But. Fiat did say they will get another SUV, larger than the 500X. So this would very well be it.

What do you think?
A Fiat or a Dodge zombie?

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  1. How are we not seeing any new models from Dodge when you clearly just said they showed new models at the dealer meeting last year.

  2. it might just be a "ploy" or "trick" to keep the Dodge dealers from freaking out and abandoning the brand.
    I mean, imagine if you were a Dodge dealer…

    What would you be selling right now? The Dart is dead. (The only new model they've had in years)
    In our SUV crazy world, I don't see that many Durangos. (Too bad, as it still looks nice)
    All their other cars are really old.

    So they have an event in Vegas where they tell them that "everything is fine. See? We have these fancy cool ones coming up"

  3. Looks like it could be the Jeep Patriot.. the only distinguising features of that model (rear quarter window chrome strip and Jeep grille) are both covered.

  4. This is very, very old news. The picture is about half a year old and was taken in Germany (see the yellow delivery van in the background? That's a StreetScooter). The car is the first model of "Lynk & Co.", the new Geely sub-brand (or if you have heard of CEVT, this is it). More prototypes have been spotted in Gothenburg recently. It's going to be presented on October 20. Watch out!

  5. The Dart was their last, great hope, however, the Journey is supposedly switching to RWD so we'll see if it's real, or smoke & mirrors.

  6. Fabian is correct it's the first model from Lynk & Co, if there's a all new Dodge Journey, the first set of spy shots would be a rough mule of the current model with some odd modification, not this vinyl padded prototype.

    While dodge may be starving for new products, dealerships don't solely rely on dodge alone. Most of them are combo of dodge/ram/chrysler/ jeep even fiat.

  7. Vince,

    There's no such thing as a "Dodge dealer" anymore. They all carry Ram and Chrysler and Jeep.
    If anything, Dodge dealers are enjoying some of their best years ever. They don't care what nameplates are glued onto the cars and trucks they sell. This year Jeep has new product, next year will be Ram, the new minivan is doing well, there's a Journey replacement on the way, and the Charger replacement should be miles ahead of the current model.

    "Imagine if your were a Dodge dealer…" it probably feels a lot like the dream where you win the lottery or win an Oscar.

  8. As long as transmissions and engines fail after 30-50k miles, the rednecks buying these cars will eventually wake up and miss the lost dough.

  9. Dodge has more models than Subaru and nobody is saying the ancient subaru models are all going away. (Or Mazda). Just because Dodge doesn't redesign the entire Charger/Journey/Dart/Durango/Challenger/Viper line every year (like they did years ago when RAMS were called Dodges) doesn't mean they are going away!

  10. October 10, 2016 at 8:47 AM
    Not being a redneck, I can't comment on the problems that people like you have in maintaining vehicles in general. I can say however, that I've never had a Chrysler quit while I owned it ( may last Caravan went 240,000 miles with only oil & tire changes–and I only sold it then because after it was hit the insurance check was more than ANY 240,000-mile car was worth.) None of the Chrysler Products I've owned (about a dozen in total–I spend a lot of time on the road) have ever had major repairs. (I wish I could say as much about all of the BMW, Ford, GM and Japanese vehicles that have left me stranded over the years.) So maybe if, like you, I were a redneck; I would have more bad luck with Chrysler Products. But as a successful businessman who lives better than most people, I've got to admit that all my experiences with Chrysler Products–have been pleasantly positive!

  11. Not being a redneck, I can't comment on the problems that people like you have in maintaining ….

    Is that what your bosses asked you to say? A dozen perfect Chrysler and a bunch of bad "other" cars(how old are you 99?) Of course you are a successful businessman. Hey, rise and shine, time to wake up and go to the showroom. Customers are waiting to buy another sinkhole.

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