Opel Astra Sports Wagon

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Another nice European wagon we are not getting over here…

Where it would compete nicely with the Golf Wagon.
I think this looks a bit more interesting than the VW. It does have a little more style.
But since car makers don’t think US buyers are interested in wagons unless they are jacked up and covered in faux SUV bits, why not send us some Allroad version of this?

Buick is getting a wagon as soon as next year.
But it is probably the wagon version of the next Insignia (Regal here)
Which is due out pretty soon.
And, of course, I bet it will come here as an Allroad jacked up version…

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  1. Considering GM felt they couldn't even sell the sedan version of this (Verano) in the US, just try to convince them a wagon would sell in its place.

  2. I can see the Cruze in this, however it barrows the rear quarter windows from the last gen Cruze Wagon.

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