L.A Auto Show: Infiniti Q60 and Acura Precision sedan Concept

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 Walking around the Los Angeles auto show. I noticed Acura had brought their concept from last year. (Which I really didn’t like in pictures)
The new Infiniti Q60 coupe sits not too far from it.
And I just though they looked quite similar from behind.

Kind of…

 Besides that, I really took a good look at that Acura concept. And it does look a million times better in the flesh.

You can really see what they are going for. Which is mostly missing from pictures.

And it’s too bad Acura insists on crafting the concept’s front end on existing super boring designs.
It just doesn’t work at all. But it looks really good on the concept.

They should just wait until they have a brand new, more modern looking sedan…

I mean just look at these headlights. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Isn’t it nice when people try something new….

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  1. I think is really intersting in many details. The "molecular" led lights are a fresh new way of design

  2. Have to say, these pictures above of the two cars sheds light on cues I thought were pointless. The Infiniti side quarter window kink and the whole Acura. Good job.

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