2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe

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So far, these are the best pictures I have seen of the upcoming E-Class coupe.
And, as expected, it will look like a cross between the S-Class coupe and the C-Class coupe.
Which is not a bad thing…

I was really looking forward to the C-Class coupe. Thinking it would be a great “small S-Classs coupe”.
But that design doesn’t really translate well, I think, in the smaller C-Class size.
Same thing with the sedan.
The coupe especially, looks too short. Stubby. It is not nearly as classy as the great looking S-Class coupe.

But this. This could be.
The new E-Class coupe seems to be just the right size.
And a convertible version is also coming right after the coupe.

Something good looking to look forward to….

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  1. The E will be easy to identify since it appears it will carry over that ugly little quarter window from the current model that allows the "hardtop" roll-down window configuration.

  2. I hope the rear side quarter window stays like that. The current rounded version has become generica–and never was all that great looking to begin with. Now for the important question: When is the CONVERTIBLE coming? ( i.e. the HARDTOP Convertible ) ???

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