Alfa Romeo Giulia US price.

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The all new Giulia sedan will start at $38 000.
Not cheap.
But that includes leather, parking sensor, 7 inch display etc…
And a 2.0 Liter with 280HP and an 8 speed Auto.

A better equipped Ti model with heated seats & steering wheel, wood etc.. start at $40 000.
(AWD is a $2000 option)
That’s not cheap. But it is part of an expensive segment of the market.

Let’s compare that to:

-BMW 3 series starts at $39 400. For the 320 model with 240HP
(A cheaper 316 model with 180HP is available for less)

-Mercedes C-Class starts at $40 500.

-Audi A4 starts at $36 800.

-Lexus IS starts at $ 38 800.

-Infiniti G50 starts at $34 800.

So $38 000 is pretty much in the middle of the pack. With leather and more power than most.

Still, Alfa Romeo is pretty much an unknown brand in the US.
With zero image so far. (Unless you count the bad/good memories from the 60’s)

I think they should have priced this car much more aggressively at about $34 000.

But what do I know…

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  1. This is a segment where exclusivity elicits extra high prices. And Alfa Romeo is clearly more exclusive than the also-run generic Germans and wanta-be Asians. Alfa will do just fine at these prices. An I'm betting their will price INCREASES in the near future if demand gets ahead of supply.

  2. Vince – As you know, the average selling price of a new vehicle in the U.S. is just over $33,000.

    Why would Alfa set a price that is so close to the 'average' car? Yes, they aren't really know here yet. But it's hardly an 'average' car.

  3. If Fiat or Alfa Romeo in Europe are anything to go by, discounts should be more readily available as well.

    Don't forget the Jaguar XE though! 240hp at $36k and a less common Euro badge

  4. Doubt Alfa Romeo will have trouble selling the Giulia at the price point. I am looking forward to seeing whether or not it will surpass the current class benchmark in handling, the Jaguar XE

  5. I think the price point/exclusivity ratio is fine.Alfa Romeo will not have trouble selling this car. Looking forward to see if the Giulia can eclipse the current handling benchmark, the Jaguar XE.

  6. The manual transmission is very hard to shift (too manly).
    Some European reviewers recommended getting the auto because of that.

    They also said interior quality is not really up to BMW levels, once again.
    A problem that Lexus does not have.

  7. you're mistaken on the hp on the bmw 320. It's only 180. the next step up is the new 330 with 248 hp starting at 38,700

  8. sat in this at the auto show. looks really good and should be competitive if they can get their dealer network situation squared away. Love alpha's new suv.

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