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We have seen the concept. Then camouflaged prototypes.
A few weeks ago I posted a pic from the factory floor.

Now we have the first official teaser .

Looks like one of these non hatchback  fastback sedans.
Not sure where it will fit in Kia’s current line up. Between the new Costanza and the big K900.

Which means it could start at around $45 000?
Also, does Kia really want that many expensive sedans in the US?

I guess it would be a cheaper alternative to the Mercedes CLS. But I am not sure that market is so large to begin with…

No matter what, we could be getting another good looking sedan for Kia. Even if we only see a couple on the road…

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  1. Just what Kia needs – an epically depreciating rear wheel drive luxury sport sedan to crowd out its other 2 epically depreciating luxury sedans. Where DOES this fit into the lineup? Is it larger or smaller than the Cadenza? Who is the buyer for this car? Or for ANY expensive luxury Kia sedan?? Any why does it look like an Optima?

  2. If you pause it at 20 seconds, it looks like a hatch to me, the way the lines are cut. Look at the top, you'll see two lines. One where the glass ends and one where the hatch ends. The "Trunk" portion is pretty smooth and close to the gall at the bottom, to close to open like a traditional trunk.

  3. I don't this car is about high sales but as a halo vehicle to promote Kia as a premium sporty brand like Audi, BMW etc… Hopefully the brand image they are trying to cultivate will rub off on other models they sell.

  4. December 21, 2016 at 8:46 AM DITTO !!!
    There's nothing funny about illiteracy. Especially once it becomes hackneyed & redundant.

  5. @Vince: Yeah…changing 3 out of 7 letters to make it "funny" is quite clever. At least do something that actually resembles the name, like cRadenza.

  6. Quite a few credible sources have said price will start under 30k. Have a feeling it will take quite a few Optima sales.

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