All new Lexus LC500 video

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Standing still or driving around. this thing looks great!

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  1. Those vertical marker lights ruin it and it has one or two unnecessary cut lines. But decent looking for a Lexus.

  2. I wonder if these cars would look any less cartoonish if the designers hit the sake afterwards, and not before. And Lexus's signature gaping maw isn't helping any. From other photos I've seen, the dash looks like something from an 80's-era Oldsmobile. And is that velour on the door panels? This could have been a really good-looking car. Cool soundtrack, though.

  3. Setting the bar for design, exterior and interior. Even the gaping grill has found a nice place to reside in this model. Great job Lexus engineering team. Just wish it was lighter.

  4. I love the overall design the lights meet at same spot as the grill, it's wedge shape is great. The shoulder on the rear are mean.
    The interior is perfect.
    My issue is the rear end. That c pillar, the trunk lid and the rear lights are all too much going on. It should have been simpler towards the rear.

  5. Kind of sad this won't make it to showrooms before many of its distinctive styling cues also end up on the Camry.

  6. Car looks great. Video is boring though. Instead of driving it soooo slooow and the music being slow, I would have showed more performance driving. Gives an impression the car is soft. Hopefully not cause it looks really good.

  7. This car is damn sexy. Great work both in design and engineering. In a time when the passion for car and drive is coming to end this pure sexy creature is a wealthy ibreath

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