Even more E -Class coupe pictures!

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These are, obviously, from the official brochure.
And they do not disappoint. the new E-Class coupe will be quite a good looking car.

As you can see, the interior is mostly shared with the sedan. Which is just fine.

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  1. They kept that excellent dash. Unfortunately they also kept that ungainly exterior and the weird extra verticle bar in the rear quarter windows–engineering mistake? Or just cost-cutting???

  2. To add a window that actually rolls down so the rear passengers can get some fresh air is hardly cost cutting.
    Or a mistake.

  3. Right on Vince! I wish more vehicles had that as an option, but most get fixed panes these days and vents are no longer even an option!

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. December 12, 2016 at 12:02 PM Vince, the 1978 AMC Matador Coupe had a similar fast back roof, similar huge triangular rear quarter window and NO vertical bar. AND it ROLLED DOWN! (all the way even!). Conclusion: the bar is unnecessary–unless you're looking to cut costs.

  5. It could also be that you'd want your car to be a bit more sturdy than a 78 Matador coupe.

    You also want to make sure there is no air coming in while windows are closed. Something air tight.
    Usually, adding things (Like a bunch of extra parts like a bar, railings etc…) doesn't cut cost. Quite the opposite.
    I think it is more a case of over engineering than cost cutting.

    By the way, if you look at the Matador coupe, you'll se the rear side window is completely separated from the front one. By a big metal B-pillar. Which the E-Class coupe does not have.

    Mercedes wanted an open look and feel the Matador does not offer..

    On another note, that Matador coupe looked great! I wonder if thats an easy car to get and drive around today…

  6. Mercedes itself didn't put that vertical bar in the ear windows of the CLK from a few years ago, nor does it on the S-Class Coupe. Therefore it would seem like cost-cutting.

    Literally everything else about this is gorgeous. Reminds me of the perfectly proportioned SEC of the 80s.

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