Infiniti QX50 Concept

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 This is Infiniti’s latest concept version of the next QX50.

Not sure why Infiniti calls this a concept since it is pretty much what we’ll be getting as the QX50 for 2018.

Compared to the first concept from last year, it looks like they took any sign of personality out of the design.
This is just super boring and uninspired.
It also switches to a FWD platform…

Way to go Infiniti!

This is last year’s concept.

Which had quite a bit of personality. It looks like every interesting line will be taken out of the production version. 

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  1. The same thing happened to the EX when it went from concept to production. It is amazing what some small detail changes can do to a design.

  2. Smog, crack, an typos are the hallmark of this posting by Vince. Um, top and bottom models look identical. HELLOOOOOOOO!

  3. Roofline appears to be a little lower on the first concept, but I think Infiniti did well in tranferring the design over. The same as Mazda did with the 6, in comparison to the Takeri concept. Infiniti looks even truer to form here though with the QX50.

  4. I like this much better than the QX30. The QX30's (Mercedes GLA mashup) design is too organic and has too many curves for my taste. This Qx50 looks like it'll have more straight lines. Good!

  5. Boring" and "zero personality" sells very well…

    Hmm….For some reason, it does not apply to wagons that "some' of us like….

  6. Maybe Nissan / Infiniti are going to tone down their designs. Very subjective, but the Maxima and Murano are over-styled nightmares, in my opinion.

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