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Venicia is a new sub brand from Nissan. So far, it is only for the Chinese market.
The T90 is their second model. (The other one is just a Nissan Leaf with a different front end)

This one seems really interesting to me.
I think it looks pretty nice. Except the “Chinese styled” grille.
(But that could easily be replaced by a regular Nissan one.)

It doesn’t look very large, but it is rumored to be based on the same platform as the current Nissan Murano. Which would be the Nissan D platform which is also used for the Maxima, Altima and Pathfinder.
But the T90 only uses a smaller 2.0 Liter engine.
I guess it would be easy to swap a Nissan 2.5 Liter or V6 for the US market…

I think this car could be a rather cool addition to Nissan’s US lineup.
A new front end, new engine. And they could offer this “coupe style” crossover.
It could be a nice addition to the all new Altima family which is probably coming late next year.

And, who knows, that nice interior could be a preview of the next Altima (?)

What do you think?
Would you like to see this in the US as a Nissan?

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  1. There is nothing about this design that communicates "Nissan" to my eyes (that may be a good thing). Additionally, who needs another "coupe crossover"?? I buy a wagon or hatchback to haul bulky items….why would anyone want to eliminate half their cargo area is beyond me.

  2. Vince, I'll have to disagree here. The interior is nice, but the exterior looks like a poor copy of the already ugly Honda Crosstour!

  3. It does reminds me of the Crosstour. Which I thought was not that ugly.
    Just a hatchback version of the Accord. It was just forced into being a fake SUV by jacking it up and adding a huge grille.

    Still, I don't think these things are such a bad idea.

    And I still hope the interior is a preview of what we are getting in the next Altima.

  4. Yep, it looks like he crosstour. Despite its utility, it flopped, because it was neither a wagon, nor a hatchback and forget being an SUV. The customers(I mean the herd) need to own and belong to something with identity. This thing has no identity. Waste of time and money if it were ever considered for our shores.

  5. It's just as beautiful, and will be just as much a runaway sales success, as those very desireable, high-mileage icons; the Venza & Crosstour. HAHAHHAH!HAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHHA..

  6. I don't get it how you think this is attractive, when you dogged the Crosstour so much. You must be on crack!!!

  7. I never "dogged the Crosstour so much". I always kind of liked it. But wished Honda had just sold it as a regular Accord hatchback and didn't jack it up to try and make it look like a truck.

    And yes, crack might explain some of it…

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