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The new Tiguan has been on sale in Europe for a while now. Yet, no news on when it is coming over here.
Instead, VW is rushing the big 7 seater Atlas.
(The big beast with a super cheap/old looking interior)
But we ARE getting the new Tiguan as well. Sometime. Next year???
And we are also getting this “L” version. Which, just like the Atlas, will have 7 seats.
And a much nicer interior, since it was mostly designed for Europe. Unlike the Atlas which is mainly for the US and China.
Countries where VW thinks “cheap interiors don’t matter”.
So they will have the Atlas. And the slighty smaller but cheaper Tiguan L. (?) (Look how roomy it already is)
I cannot imagine any VW fan picking the Atlas over this. Not that the new Tiguan is the best looking thing ever.
But after seeing the Atlas and sitting in it, I can tell you this already looks 100 times better.
Not sure how this is going to work for them…

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  1. The Atlas will be about a foot and a half longer, as well as wider, than the Tiguan L, so it'll be much roomier, especially its third row. From what I understand, the US market will only be getting the Tiguan L, which is a bit of a shame. I had the pleasure of driving the new (shorter) Tiguan while on a recent trip to Germany, and I was quite impressed. Looks very nice in person, both inside and out, and while looks are subjective, I found it much more attractive than the cartoonish rolling eyesores we see from most other manufacturers. I think the regular Tiguan would do well here.

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