2017 Citroen C3 Picasso

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Although these are still just illustrations, they kind of  match the proportions of it’s new Opel cousin, the Crossland X.
So I guess the final product will pretty much look like this.
Which is kind of weird. As the shape is much less modern and original than the current C3 Picasso.
Sure, they added all the “fine  bits” from the Cactus and C3. 
But all these cool details can’t cover the really boring shape…
So, let’s hope this is all wrong…
(Current C3 Picasso pictured below)

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  1. And that's why i don't care about renderings. Citroen is one of the few carmakers putting some effort into their designs nowadays,so i have high hopes for the real thing,and i'm sure that it will be more inspired than this.

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