2017 Hyundai i30/2018 Elantra GT

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Not an ugly car by any mean.
But what a step backward from the current generation.

I mean this looks much less modern than the one we have right now (Available in the US as the Elantra GT)
Really, this looks like a copy of the previous generation Golf.

I am sure it drves and is a better car. But why make it look like it came out 10 years ago?

This is a really bad trend for Hyundai, where all their new designs look older than the previous generations.
Did they scare themselves by coming out with too many really modern designs?
This timid approach to the market also shows in lower sales.
So I guess it’s not really a good idea.

This will look super boring un Europe. Where almost everything else (Except the poor Peugeot 308) looks much more modern.
But even here. When compared to the current model. 

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  1. It may look better in the flesh. Didn't like the current Sonata in photos compared to the previous generation but it has grown on me.

  2. Not as big a regression as the present Elantra sedan but still a small step backward, although the interior looks better. On balance, styling of both Hyundai and Kia are getting more boring. Disappointing. Maybe Peter Schreyer is spread too thin. Definitely losing his mojo.

  3. It looks better than the Elantra,but still…
    And that front overhang…
    Say whatever you want about VW,but the Golf is still the compact to beat in terms of proportions.
    At least the interior looks neat.

  4. Did they scare themselves by coming out with too many really modern designs?

    If i'm not mistaken,this conservative design shift is due to the reaction to the previous Sonata in it's home market.When it was launched in the USA,the swoopy design was very well received,even starting the "coupe-like" trend in the segment that we still see today.But back in Korea,where the buyer in this segment is usually more conservative,the agressive design alienated some customers.In contrast,the Optima,arguably more cleaner,was a hit.As a consequence,the bosses of the two companies ordered a shift in the design strategy of Hyundai.

    At least,that's what i remember.

  5. I had a 2013 Elantra GT, and I still think it is one of Hyundai's very best design jobs. This is terrible and I hate everything about it.

    The problem with Hyundai is that their designs got ahead of their middle aged customer base. Ever notice now many OLD people are driving the Elantra GT? So they have gone conservative for this current generation. After all, listening to the old timer buyers worked well for Scion.

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