2018 Ford F-150

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I am really not a pick-ip truck person, so this will be quick.
This is just the obligatory mid-cycle refresh for Ford’s big truck.
A new grille, and new engines. More Turbo V6 models.
And even an all new Diesel. 
Inside, more tech. Screens. Etc… The super cheesy fake wood trim on the door is still there.
A weird semi-retro throw back to the 70’s. 
I drove the current F-150 a few times at various Ford events. It is actually a great choice for people who need that kind of thing.
It drives quite well. And the larger V6 Turbo models are pretty punchy and super smooth.
Now. Where is the 2018 Mustang?

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  1. Vince, why is fake wood on the door a "weird semi-retro throw back to the 70's" in a truck, but not so in a car? Have never hear you call the fake wood in cars a "weird semi-retro throw back to the 70's."

    Mind you I don't like the fake wood at all, and am not a fan of real wood in cars, but it seems you are exposing some underlying false belief in the stale stereotypes about truck buyers.

  2. This is an attempt to "catch up" (somewhat) to the technology leader in the class. (29 MPG RAM). I wonder if it will ride better than the 2016 Fords? The RAM with 4-corner air suspension is a pretty tough act to follow!

  3. These trucks are really nice. I borrowed my buddys truck all the time when I need to lug stuff. I get the appeal. What I don't "get" is how anyone could use such cheap materials in such an expensive vehicle. Ford's continued use of plastichrome and faux woodgrain is vile and out of place. The Mustang I just rented, with only 2700 miles on the clock, had plasthrome foil that was peeling from the edge of the cup holder. And I, like an idiot, sliced my thumb on the edge of it as I went for my coffee. Aluminum is the cheapest material on earth… why go through all the effort of making an unconvincing facsimile of an already cheap material? It looks like shit when it's new and it looks totally trashy as it ages. I don't care how "great" Fords have gotten, the sloppy details make these cars a non-starter for me.

  4. This is more than just a mid life for a pick up. This will most likely show the new expedition and the new ford bronco.

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