2018 Ford Mustang

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I was wondering where was the 2018 Mustang at the Detroit auto show.
It didn’t show up. Why?
Why show it now then???

No matter what, this turns out to be quite a let down.
The changes are so small only Mustang fanatics will notice.
The headlights are now busier looking. And the turn signals still don’t really fit in the whole design.

I can’t really see anything new in the back (Except one ugly spoiler)
Maybe they simplified a bit the interior? ( I doubt it…)

Supposedly, the V6 is gone. Leaving the Ecoboost 2.o Liter as the base model.

Much more on this very soon….

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  1. As far as facelifts go,this one is ok. They could have made the front a little more agressive,but overall,it's fine.

  2. The tail light bars are now more "C" like….but this is change for change sake when they should have just left it alone like they did for 2005-2009.

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