2018 GMC Terrain

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Looking much nicer than the current (and so old) version.
At least it looks less like a brick on wheels.
GMC is going for a much more sophisticated look. Which is good news.

Although that Denali grille is pretty horrible.
And look! It folds all flat back there. So this makes a great car to travel, since you can sleep inside.

Since they are related, engines are pretty much the same as the ones offered in the new Chevrolet Equinox.
So, 1.5 Turbo, 2.0 Turbo. as well as the all new 1.6 Liter Diesel.

I wonder if all that Diesel offensive from GM is actually a stroke of genius. Or just plain stupid and way too late.

We’ll see… At least, they are trying something new.

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  1. THe grill kills it–way too large. Headlights are cool. The front's too round. It's giving off a rhinoceros vibe like the outgoing face-lifted Acadia did. A mix of good and bad.

  2. Handsome SUV. Too bad the rear of the vehicle looks like one huge blind spot. Rear visibility looks almost non existent with those tiny quarter windows and narrow rear windshield. Hope it's got a really good reverse camera.

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