2018 honda City/Fit

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Same thing I posted before.
Just a much nicer picture of it, and not a small teaser.

And, just a  new front for the small Honda City sedan (Not sold in the US)

Again, I think this will probably end up as an option on our revised Fit sometime next year.
But really. Who knows….

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  1. Do you think that the Fit will see the same kind of treatment that is sweeping through Honda – lower trims get projector beams/same grill, and Touring's get LED/tail pipes? I'd like to see Honda bring the City to the US as well. It makes sense as a true economy car, as the Civic got large, moved up in price/quality and got more sporty.

  2. Honda – it's the rear end of the Fit that needs work! Get rid of the fake vents in the bumper and the silly reflectors next to the rear window. Oh, and the big chrome strip under the rear window on the EX.

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