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Back in 2012

Not much to see from this…

The usual “mic-cycle refresh” for the Sonata sedan.

These small changed might not help the Sonata much. Since an all new Camry is showing up at dealers very soon.
And an all new Accord is just around the corner.

The next couple of years might be tough for the Sonata. An all new design is really needed.
Hyundai did mess things up a lot when they redesigned their mid size sedan.
Everyone (Except VW) is now going for much more modern designs.

Back in 2012, the previous generation was selling 230 605 units. The best ever.
And numbers had gone up every year.
The current one has never sold that much.

Head over HERE for all the spy shots of the “not so new” Sonata.

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  1. The 2015 Sonata should have been the 2011 Sonata. At that time it would have been a sportier progression from he conservative 2010 Sonata. Then the 2011 design coming out in 2015 as the next level of sportiness would've made sense. But Hyundai did it backwards. The good thing is they will probably have an all new Sonata in 2020 anyway.

    Don't forget, the Fusion and Altima are needing redesigns in a couple of years also.

  2. LOVE the current Sonata–so much that I bought one. NEVER would have EVER even considered the previous generation. I hope they don't screw it up like Toyota did with the Camry (not that the previous Camry was anything to brag about!)

  3. "LOVE the current Sonata…"
    I think you're the minority here…so much so that you're one of the very few people that actually bought one.

    Here's the thing that Hyundai doesn't get: the Camry sells not because it is boring. It sells because it IS a Camry. The nameplate is pretty much a reference in reability for decades. Hyundai does not have this luxury, they have to go bold or go bust.

  4. I had a previous generation Sonata that I liked a lot, when it was time to change it I thought about the new one but I didn't like it at all (the dealer let me keep it for one day), I ended up buying a Hyundai Genesis sedan that I also love. Now Vince, this mid-refresh is supposed to be a big one (Something like the 2015 Camry), I really can't wait to see it but if it's not big enough, I agree, everyone else will give them a run for their money.

  5. Sadly this refresh will not provide much as they never really do, with the exception of the 2004 Sonata.

  6. January 31, 2017 at 11:04 AM I bought the Sonata for the same reason I bought a Chrysler LTD. minivan and BMW 535xi — I like the interior. Period. Better than any competing product in their respective categories. (I don't mind the Sonata's 38 MPG (actually I get 46MPG) HWY mileage, either !) But I'm a "car guy". My grandmother prefers the "ugly-cute" as she calls it, styling of the Camry. And I agree — nobody really buys a Camry for what it is — they by it for what it was, reliability-wise, compared to American cars 30 years ago. Toyota fans are pretty habitual–they aren't out there doing their homework and test driving alternatives.

  7. WOW – the commentary for the new, updated Sonata by individuals are civil, engaging, and accurate. First time on here I actually felt people were having a discussion, not talking "opinion as fact". Almost brought a tear to my eye. But, I think it's only going to be a one-time event. Most will start bashing ANYTHING they don't understand or agree with. Guess there's always a first!!!

  8. they do look like illustrations, you're right. But also pretty realistic. it could end up just looking like that.

  9. I found these, they look fake but when you compare them to the spy pics, they make sense, also they have a lot of detail to be fake. What do you think Vince?

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