2018 Nissan Rogue Sport

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I was right about the name (They did end up calling it the Rogue Sport in the US).
But not about it being a facelift version of the European version.
They left it pretty much the same.
The main change I can see is not a good one. The really cool glass roof option has been replaced by a lame super tiny (almost useless) old fashioned sunroof.
That’s too bad.

Otherwise, we are getting the 2.0 Liter with 140HP, with a CVT.
Not the punchier 1.6 Liter Turbo from the Juke.

Otherwise, it’s the same good looking small SUV they’ve been getting in Europe for years.
Which is good news.

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  1. Why are so many panoramic sunroofs available in other markets but not the US such as the Ford Fusion and the 2017 CRV which offers one only on Canadian models?

  2. I see Nissan didn't learn from the confusion at Hyundai with the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport (which Hyundai is going to fix with the next generations having different names).

  3. Wow that's gorgeous!!!
    A tightened sportier Rogue, looks like a Winner and it handles very well.
    A certain success and volume attainer.

  4. wow, thats a stunner, looks better than any competition. Nissan dealers are very unhappy with upper management starting from the president of US and Canada and Japan . too pushy….wayyyy too aggressive. that is the word on the street.
    Product is bang on!

  5. Honestly I think they opt for the right move by replacing the smaller sunroof instead of the panoramic glass roof. Since the engine is smaller, that way it won't be having a hard time hauling the extra weight from the big giant glass roof!

  6. Probably stupid US rollover laws prevent the roof. They need to balance some structural nonsense and if more metal is needed in the roof then they go to the small roof.

  7. Rogue Sport looks very good to my eyes. Altho i read that here in Canada we will be calling it by it's European goofy name of Qashqai. Anyways its nicely proportioned, very nice interior…that 140 HP might be adequate given it's size and weight, but i betcha a stronger turbo 4 cylinder will pop into the engine bay in 2 years time… if Nissan offers an optional engine of 165-180 HP with turbo and lots of low grunt torque, they will sell tons of these Rogue Sports.

  8. That has NOTHING to do with "stupid US rollover laws". (These "stupid" laws actually save lives every year in the US. And other countries have them too)

    Since Nissan offers that glass roof option on the Rogue. In the US.
    Also on the pathfinder.

  9. Looks to me like this franchise is on fire. I mean they are hitting higher and higher sales numbers and have a very complete lineup

  10. Word in the automotive world in Canada is that auto dealership groups are Investing heavily in Nissan Franchises. For very very good reasons. If interested investors don't act quickly they may lose out on their best investment opportunity ever !

  11. Nice looking baby Rogue. It's disappointing to learn that the only engine option is a lackluster 140HP 2.0 Liter. That's probably OK as a base engine for most, but this is supposed to be a "sport" version of the Rogue. It needs a more potent optional engine like the 1.6 Turbo or even the 175 HP 2.5 Liter.

    I've been very interested in the Qashqai for a while and have been patiently waiting for it to land in the States, but I wouldn't touch one with the 2.0 L.

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