2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

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 Hard to really seen an all new design here.

I remember, back in the “old days”, when a new Rolls liked new. Nothing like the one before.
This looks like a copy of the current model. Which came out in 2003.

I remember not liking it at all when it came out. It looked more like a German tank than a Rolls to me.
Now there are quite a few around, so I guess that’s what people like. Huge and obnoxious.
 German idea of a British luxury car.

This one will be all new, new platform etc…
And since it is owned by BMW, it will, like all BMWs, look like the previous one.

Here is the current model.
I must say, I did get used to that heavy looking design. A bit.
(Although that rear with its tiny lights never looked finished to me. )

I just wonder why they even redesign this….

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  1. Ok.

    I guess you can't blame them for sticking with what works. The one thing you can say about this car is that while it may not be the prettiest thing in the world, it has serious presence.

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