2018 Subaru Crosstrek teaser photo

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Not sure why they even bother with a teaser since we all know what the car will actually look like.
It will, once again, be a raised up version of the regular Impreza hatchback, with funky wheels and bigger roof racks.
And why not.
If that’s what people want.

I think the new Impreza hatch is actually pretty cute. So that Crosstrek version should keep
their sales pretty high.

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  1. Looks like they may use more unique front and rear clips and head/tail lights this time. Whoopie. I'm still not sure why they changed the name from Outback Sport.

  2. For me, this looks like a Mazda 3 built with Lego blocks. It tries to be sporty, but is "safe", inocuous sporty. But these things sell like water in the desert, so i can't blame them for selling what the customers want.

  3. No power at all and loud CVT.

    Just set it up with a turbo engine like the Honda Civic Turbo or something similar.
    Honestly, not a bad looking car but I just can't get over the crappy and loud engine.

  4. I miss the quirky Subarus. From the frameless doors to the bug-eyes, they had charm and character. Now, the mechanical part might still be solid, but they've become another "me-too" manufacturer in a sea of beige, boring econoboxes.

  5. Exactly! They should have been the Japanese Citroen. Instead, they turn out the most boring designs available…

  6. No surprises here. Pretty much exactly what everyone was expecting, a lifted Impreza hatch with huge front overhang and all.

    I owned a current gen Crosstrek. It's a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle that is an absolute bore to drive. Looks like the next gen is going to be more of the same. They sell well enough to the masses, but they are not a vehicle for anyone who is passionate about driving. Subaru really needs new engine options. The lack of power and acceleration in these things is miserable.

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