2018 Volvo S60

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Not sure which one will come out first, S60 or XC60, but they both looks ready.
Unsurprisingly, the S60 looks, on these pictures, a lot like a small S90.
Which is great news. But it’s now a clone, since the windows look quite different.
It will just have a familiar family look. (Unlike Audi which just keeps redesigning the exact same car in different sizes.)
Since the S90 looks great, I cannot wait to see this. 
Hoping the interior to be as amazing as its larger cousin.

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  1. I'm hoping the sloping roof (underneath that dark cladding) leaves enough room in the back for adults.

    The current version forces me to tilt my head when sitting in the back seat, and I'm not taller than the average Swede. That means you can barely fit any adult passenger.

    That's a shame, because almost everything else about that car is outstanding. The DriveE engines are powerful and economical, the handling is great, quality and durability are great, front seats are the best in the business. The only other glitch is that the base interior is grey and dull. I like the fact that you can still get cloth seats, but do they have to be the color of PVC plumbing pipes?

  2. I keep reading about sloping roofs and headroom in the back. The truth is that for most of us, we are driving these cars without a passenger 85% of the time. True?

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