By popular demand: More pix of the GAC GS8!

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Just because I think it looks pretty nice.
The more I look at it, the more I like it.

Nothing amazing, but with the right price, I am pretty sure this would sell pretty well in the US.
And it does have an upscale look to it.

It is about an inch longer than the current Ford Edge.
But it’s 2.0 Liter engine only produces around 200HP. (Which I am sure, could be modified for the US)

This is interesting since it will be presented at the Detroit Auto show in just a few days.

I wonder if GAC is finally getting serious about entering the US market. Or not…

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  1. Nice dash, nice interior. The exterior rear quarter glass is pretty confused; but overall it's the best effort I've ever seen come out of China. So; "close-enough" on the styling, now all they have to do it get up to the quality standards that GM had way back in the 1960's !

  2. Not bad… All I can say for sure is… I would 100% rather be seen driving this thing than that hideous Infiniti QX80

  3. Before I read this, I thought that this was the updated Land Cruiser. It'd be a huge improvement. However, I would never buy anything made in China as long as there's an alternative. I don't want to go into toxic shock from whatever that interior is made out of.

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