Even more pictures of the 2018 Mustang GT

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Looking much nicer without the back wheels and the 90’s spoiler.

But still very small changes no one but the hard core fans will probably notice.
Inside, its pretty much the same. It could have used more changes there.
(These seats look pretty flat for the GT, don’t they?)

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  1. I don't think this is an improvement over the current Mustang and I think this facelift takes a little of the character away. The shape of the headlight look like it came from a Mazda or a Honda. Not terrible but not a better looking car than the one it replaces in my opinion.

  2. Yes! Those damn black wheels. I just don't like all black wheels, but so many of the Mustang wheels were black.

  3. I think the new headlamps look better.Or at least,they make the car look less like an overglorified fusion coupe and more like a mustang.But this front grille still doesn't look right.It should be smaller and more angular,and the front end should be lower.

  4. I like the re style. It's not a huge difference, deffinetly does take the styling further from American muscle car and more into swoopy European.
    The quality of interior is most likely the same which is ehh but that new cluster tho!

  5. looks alright i suppose but to be honest i prefer the chunky , hunkered down look of the 2014 Mustang GT (i will say the 2015-2016 Mustang dash and interior is much nicer quality , nicer materials….but i could live with the 2014 dash and interior.)

  6. Not sure about the Honda 10 speed.
    But Ford and GM use the same transmission. I don't think they ever claimed they did it by themselves. It's well known fact they designed it together.

  7. I hate the black and dark grey wheels all the manufacturers are using. I had to remove mine from my Q60 Red Sport and buy new ones, but even the wheel companies are making it hard to get silver wheels anymore.

  8. This is good. They fixed what needed fixing, and left the other stuff alone.

    I could see myself driving one of these.

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