GAC GS8 and GS7

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Chinese company GAC will show a few things at the Detroit Auto Show.
Reviving rumors they might enter the US market (We’ve all heard that before)

This time, they are bringing over, among other things, a couple of SUVs. Which could actually sell fairly well in the US.

The first one is the rather large GS8. Which can seat 7. It will be offered in China with a 2.0 Liter engine.
The design can be described as “Asian Generic” at best. But it’s not that bad.
At least as good as anythings we have over here already.

The other one is the smaller GS7. Available with the same 2.0 Liter , but also a smaller 1.5 Liter.

Also doesn’t look that bad. So far. there is a bit of the Infiniti QX80 in it.
But at least it’s red….

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  1. I fear that in a country that just voted in Trump as president, anyone who buys a Chinese car may risk finding it keyed and with flat tires anytime they leave it out of their sight…

  2. Other than the mess in the headlights it doesn't look that bad. The profile looks a lot like the Nissan Quest.

  3. The GS8 is an interesting mix of Land Cruser+QX80…and a little Explorer at the rear. Not as bad as other Chinese designs I've seen.

  4. Was about to agree with FusOptimaSX.. the 8 looks like a Land Cruiser/QX80 mashup, while the 7 reminds me of the Kia Telluride concept mixed with the Volvo XC40 concept.

  5. what this thing needs is some more headlights. maybe across the top of the hood, or in the form of wings extending outward above the front wheels.

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