How about more pictures of the new Kia Stinger GT

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In other colors than red. (Although, red IS red…)
And also, a lighter interior color.

I was just wondering if anyone changed their minds about it.
If people who hated it still hate it.
If the ones who loved it still love it.

For my own taste, I still love it. Although there are too many ridiculous details everywhere. Fake air vents etc…
Maybe the 2.0 Liter version is a little cleaner.
I would actually like to see that…

What do you think?
Still love it?
Still hate it?

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  1. I'm really liking the silver color more. It minimizes the impact of all those vents. I'm still on the fence on the interior. It doesn't feel warm or luxurious or, for that matter, particularly sporty. Unless that center console is more tilted towards the driver than it appears…

  2. Like many new vehicles we're seeing these days… there is just too much going on with this. Way too many "details". Makes it look like it's trying too hard to stand out. The shape should be the primary focus (not the trim).

    With a few notable exceptions, the Germans usually do a much better job of creating a cohesive design that doesn't need any cheap looking add-ons.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I also love the overall design, but just like the vent on the Infiniti Q60 400 red sport, or whatever the rediculous name is, it has that overstyled vent just beyond the front fender. While I can appreciate the sporting intention, it just looks out of place here. Oh well, at least it is not chrome. The other detail I think Kia missed out on is of all their cars, this one should have a flat bottom steering wheel. The wheel looks great, but nothing says sport like one of those. Fortunately for me anyway, I don't have thick thighs. Glad to see the rear cargo area actually looks very useable. Honda dropped the ball by not making the Civic sedan a hatch, instead of the ghastly intended hatchback model. For me anyway, it will probably come down to the Kia Stinger 2.0 or the Honda Civic Si sedan, which I am also patiently waiting for. However, the wife doesn't like to drive stick, so there is that.

  4. this is world class, stylish, sporty , sexy ……naaaaa it's a piece of s#!t KIA and I never want to spend a cent on that scrap…….let alone real good Infiniti/Mercedes money hahahahaha "Kia- The Laughing stock of the automotive world"…that should be their new slogan.

  5. disjointed, cut off mess. There's no flow, no continuance. abrupt lines and design, just basically a stomach ache in automotive form.

  6. I still love it! I too want to see the 2.0T as that's most likely what I'll be getting. As far as size, it's only one inch shorter in length compared to the Optima, which is perfect. One thing I'm not a fan of is that iPad looking screen. I'd rather have it integrated more into the dash, but this seems to be the new trend.

  7. I actually still like it… an actual design difference between this and optima, cadenza, k900, Forte, & rio….

    something Audi/VW understand nothing about… they just use the same look, copy and paste it onto a new computer enlarge the dimensions like they are adjusting a picture on their ipad, and hit print.

    like previously stated by someone else… I am also not a badge snob… because guess what badge snobs…. Audi, BMW, & Tesla… you got faulty Takata Air Bags too….

  8. Ok.

    I like it, but I wish it didn't look so much like the previous gen Optima in profile. Otherwise, its a fine looking automobile!

  9. The more I look at it, the more I forget how much it reminds me of the old Optima. Still think I'd like to own one..

  10. There are some interesting design elements, particularly on the rear. There's just way too much going on. They've taken every single current trend, and crammed it onto a single car. Overall, it looks very overdressed and pieced-together.

  11. Change the front grill a bit, stick an Alfa badge on there and people would be hailing this as another amazing Italian design. It isn't, but Peter Schreyer has proven time and time again that he's one kick butt car designer.

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