How about some more pictures of the new Kia Stinger GT?

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Just because it looks great.

This is the top of the line 3.3 Liter version.
But the US will also be getting a cheaper 2.0 Liter Turbo with 255HP. Which will be fine for 90% of us.
This is a great looking car. So good news it will be available with a less powerful engine. The more the better.

I see a hatchback here!
So this will compete with the upcoming Audi A5 Sport back. Which is also coming to the US.
The Stinger already looks 100 times better. Especially inside, where Kia is at least trying.
Unlike Audi…

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  1. Really great looking inside an out, but that name? Who would proudly want to say "I drive a Kia Stinger"?

  2. It will definitely take sales from Infinity & Audi. Cad,Merc & BMW however–have nothing to worry about.

  3. Not seeing what's so special about the interior compared to upcoming Audi A5 sportback. Except hopefully that screen does retract…

  4. Yup, Autoblog said it was a hatch yesterday.
    This is awesome – better looking than the stale Audi, easier and cheaper to fix, damn nice all over. Hoping it performs pretty well, but am willing to bet it will … if it shares some suspension development with the Genesis G70 (maybe).

  5. Not sold yet, waiting to see in person.

    Exterior looks like a mashup of the Optima, Panamera (side), and Audi A7 (rear).

    Interior looks like a mashup of the Audi A3, Mercedes center vents, and Mazda nav screen.

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